Did Climate Change Intensify Hurricane Harvey?

I watched the news and saw the actual pictures from the flood in Texas. My initial thought was we can’t do anything, but try to save as many people as possible from these natural disasters. I said to myself, these things happened, it’s nature and we can’t stop it.

When I read the article “Did climate change intensify hurricane Harvey?” I quickly realised humans was a big factor for the enormity of the hurricane. Humans has over years changed the earth’s climate. It has gotten to the point where the natural disasters are much greater than they would be without us. The article made me realise how much all these environmental discussions matter. It’s important to discuss how we are going to treat our environment in the future to secure a sustainable future for both us, and the environment.

The fact that it’s going to rain 50 inches of water just over a few days is mind blowing to me. The article helps me visualise how much water needs to be transported away from the city and makes the reader understand how significant this hurricane is. I realised I want to do what I can to prevent a natural disaster like this to happened in the future.


Link to the article: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/08/did-climate-change-intensify-hurricane-harvey/538158/


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