It’s not hard to empathize 

“Girl Rising” is a movie with the ability to touch a lot of viewers with its powerful stories. The movie shows the lives of 9 different girls, through hard and difficult times. “Girl Rising” was released during the “girl rising” campaign in 2013. The campaign uses the power of storytelling, through film and other media to change the way people think about girls’ values and their abilities. At the very start of the movie, it says “66 million girls are out of school”. Just after a few minutes, the viewer is met with a statement that must be changed.

The story that made the most impression on me was Wadley’s story. An earthquake on Haiti destroyed her home and school, which meant only the people with the most money could afford to send their kids to school. Wadley was only seven years old when this happened, but that did not stop her from learning, even though her mother didn’t have money to pay for her education. She went to the school, sat down, and acted like everything was normal. The teacher eventually sent her home after she figured Wadley’s mother had not paid for her education.

The next day, Wadley went back to the school, knowing she most certainly would be kicked out again. When the teacher told Wadley to leave the classroom, Wadley stood up in front of the whole class and said; “I will come back every day until I can stay”. The teacher decided to let her stay and learn. After that episode, Wadley came back to school every day and learnt just as much as all the other girls did.

The way Wadley showed her determination to the teacher made me realise how much an education meant for her. I thought about how a lot of people who always have had the opportunity to get education take it for granted.

There were also a lot of other touching stories in this movie. They were all special in their own way because of the different techniques the stories were presented with. I think this movie will educate a lot of people about how important it is to include women into the society of all countries, and the benefits of doing so. It’s necessary to understand that 50% of the world’s population are women, while only a small percentage of them are getting a good education. Quote, Girl Rising’s fact sheet; “Each extra year of secondary school can help a girl increase their future earnings by 10-20%, and some countries lose more than $1 billion a year by failing to educate girls to the same level as boys.” We can clearly see the benefits of educating girls, especially in developing countries. The statement “One girl with courage is a revolution” implies that if girls have the same opportunities as men, they can make a huge difference in our world.

There are some minor “action scenes” in the movie, but the movie is mostly focused on getting a point across to the viewer. I did not find myself drowning in excitement or curiosity watching it, but the stories were put together in a way that made it easy to keep up with all the information being delivered. The stories themselves were interesting and had a lot of great depictions which make it easier to empathize with the girls.








Girl rising’s fact sheet,, downloaded 22.09.2017


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