Asria Mohammed is fighting for Western Sahara

On Wednesday, the 27. September, a woman named Asria Mohammed visited our school and talked about the Moroccan occupation, the life in Algerian refugee camps and what role the UN has in this conflict.

Western Sahara is currently the only country left in the whole world living under another country, as a colony. Spain still to this day partly control Western Sahara. During a war taking place from 1975 to 1991, Morocco tried to establish Moroccan presence in Western Sahara. This occupation kept on for 16 years, until they signed an agreement of peace. To this date, the people in Western Sahara live in refugee camps and are totally dependent on human aid from other countries.

All the kids in Western Sahara has the right to go to school and almost everyone can read. To get their education, they must leave their families when they are 13 years old. They are away from their parents for 12 months, then they go back to their families for two months, before going back to school again.

Asria said “It’s okay to grow up as a refugee, but it’s not okay to know you don’t exist”. Almost no one in the Western part of the world knows about the situation in Western Sahara. The media does not talk about the conflict because they the conflict is nonviolent, and the media does therefore not post news about the conflict.

I got surprised when I heard Western Sahara still was in this conflict. I guess I never heard about the conflict because of how the media handles it. Since they don’t report about the country, I don’t get any information about the conflict. I hope the United Nation eventually will manage to end the conflict going on so the people living there can get a better place to live, rather than living in refugee camps.


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