Niger delta blues

The song «Niger Delta Blues» made by “Bantu” is about the current situation in Niger Delta. The artists sing about the inhumane conditions, who they refer to as “their people” live under. In the start of the song they clarify that there are no schools, medical clinics or social services in their villages. There are also deadly diseases such as malaria and cholera.

It sounds like the artists are looking for someone to help them get out of their situation. They give the impression they have struggled to get out of their situation for a while, but are no longer able to continue fighting without other people’s help.

“We have petitioned the African Union, United Nations
And all kinds of international institutions
Yet there have been no reactions
Our women, our men, our children
The elderly and weak
Are still being murdered
Jungle justice style”

They are clearly against the way their country is being ran and mad at the people who are responsible for it. They have tried to call for help several times to different organisations such as the African Union and the United Nations, but have not got any response back.


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