International Day

The international day on Fagerlia is an event meant to inform and inspire the students about different things going on around the world. The students can visit what we call “human libraries” where different people will talk about different topics, such as the current situation in Venezuela or how the police work to save refugees taking big risks by leaving their country by boat. The students can decide themselves who they want to listen to and are free to leave whenever they want.

Me, Henrik and Sander cooperated to host the room called the “Black box”. The goal of this room was to inform the students about the “play alter native”. A play the drama-, dance- and music classes are currently working on. We gave the students the opportunity to read a part of the play’s script and then let them write a comment on the wall in coherence with the play. People wrote a lot of different things on the wall, and at the end, the wall was filled with different words, slogans and drawings regarding the play. After hosting the “black box” for about two hours, we went to the UN-room. We expected to help the two girls talking during their presentation, but they did not need any help, so we decided to walk around and check out the different rooms ourselves.

Before hosting the Black Box room, we had to prepare ourselves, so we could answer different questions about the play. In preparation of the international day, we read and analysed the script. The reason we chose to host the Black Box instead of a human library at the start was mainly because we wanted to interact with the students checking out our room, instead of just sitting down and looking at other people listening to a presentation. I’m glad we chose the Black Box, because we got to inform the students ourselves, and we had the opportunity to decide how we should arrange the room. We could for example play music in the background to lighten the mood, or put some yoga mats on the floor for people to sit down and read the play, and we also let people talk with each other as much as they wanted.

I think our ability to decide how the room should be, made it more interesting for the visitors. It would have been boring if we just told people to sit down on the yellow chairs and read quietly by themselves. People interacted with each other and had a great time, which is the most important.

We also made a poster saying, “play alter native black box”, but the tape failed to keep it hanging on the wall, so we had to remove it. Me, Henrik and Sander discussed the script in the preparation process and thought trough how the room should be set up. For the UN-room we did not really prepare anything, since the girls presenting was doing all the work, and we were just meant to sit there and make sure everything went smoothly.

The Black Box was a little hidden from the other rooms, so we had to do some recruiting on the other blocks to let people know about our room. People came mostly in bigger groups, which meant there was a lot of people for about 10 to 15 minutes, then the groups left, and the room was almost empty for a while, before a new group decided to have a look.

Even though me, Henrik and Sander managed to make the Black Box interesting, I think the fact people had to read by themselves, turned a lot of them off. It would have been even more interesting if we had a video playing, or some of the drama students preforming parts of the play instead of just handing out the script to the students. That is the only thing I can think of we could improve till next year. I think me, Henrik and Sander all got better at explaining the play as time went by, but other than that, we did not learn a lot ourselves in the black box, but I think a lot of the students learnt something.

I was surprised over how many students showed interest in the play and talked about it. Of course, when we walked around ourselves we learnt a lot about the different things. I found the guy talking about Venezuela to be quite interesting, as well and the police officer explaining how they save hundreds of lives every year. After all, I would consider the international day, especially the Black Box room a success.


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