#metoo movement

Before reading the article, I knew the #metoo movement was about human’s rights, especially women’s. After reading the article from New York Times, I realise how many people support this movement, and how much people care about these crimes.

The #metoo campaign started in 2006 on the go-to social media at the time, MySpace, to empower women who have experienced sexual abuse. Just recently this movement has blown up in the media due to all the harassing cases being brought up lately against different politicians and celebrities.


“If I said his name, definitely he would kill me or one of my family members,”


Zubadia, a 26 year old former police officer who quit her job after being sexually assaulted by one off her colleagues, said this statement to the New York Times. She made it sound like it was normal that either her or one of her family members was in danger after Zubadia had been assaulted. It was kind of strange to me that her life was in danger after someone did something she couldn’t prevent.

Before reading this post, I didn’t really know a lot about the afghan community. The community need people like this working for women’s rights and people working for a change for the better. By educating people at an early age about what is right and wrong, we can definitely change the culture.


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