David Cameron’s Speech

In 2012, at the Munich Security Conference, David Cameron held an extraordinary speech with the main topic being terrorism and extremism. He talked about the difference between being a part of Islam, and being an Islamic extremist, as well as how these two ideologies are often perceived as the same. This is not the way Britain want to perceive Islamic people. If you have no extreme political views, you should not be harassed or even looked down on in your country.

Cameron started of by lightening the mood a little by cracking a joke about his wife being jealous about him eating lunch for six hours with someone else. David Cameron consciously did this to set the mood for the rest of the speech, which is a great way to make the audience more interested and ready for what is to come. At the start of the speech, he stated some facts about Britain and what they do as a country to keep security on top. Britain has the 4th biggest military in the world, and they are one of the few countries who spend 2% of their gross domestic product on military, which is one of NATO’s criterias.

To conquer terrorism and extremism, we must go to the root of the problem and work to prevent people from joining these extreme ideologies. Many argue having extreme Islamic ideologies if you’re nonviolent is fine. This scenario can lead to the nonviolent person teaching their extremism to someone else, and when the new person picks it up, they bring the violent part with them. Therefore, the statement “nonviolent extremists are just as dangerous as violent ones” is partly true. Even though the nonviolent ones don’t hurt anyone, they can make new people believe in this ideology and these people can eventually become a terrorist.

According to David Cameron, this is a raising problem in Britain and we can therefore not accept these extreme ideologies, even though they claim to be nonviolent. We must confront these ideologies and not welcome them in our countries. This process won’t be easy, but we must face this problem with confidence and believe we can solve it. By doing so, it will become much harder for the terrorists to succeed in their mission to hurt people to front their political views.


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