The Reluctant Fundamentalist

After reading two chapters of the book “The Reductant Fundamentalist”, I have mixed feelings about the story. The start of the book was eye-catching, and I found the setting of the story to be quite interesting, mainly because I almost never read stories where the setting takes place in a middle eastern country. Changez’s personality is quite different from the stereotypical middle eastern man. He is perceived as a confident guy with various interests and a hardworking attitude. I find Changez interesting as a character, but the book itself have not catched my interest yet. I have not read enough basis to judge the book yet, while I have only read two chapters.

Changez explains he’s not happy with the way his friends act in Greece. He said, “I had never in my life had a vacation like this one” and “I will admit that there were details which annoyed me”. Changez seems frustrated in a way because of the way his friends treat other people. I guess there’s a reason he chose to travel with them, which could be because they have known each other for a long time, but rarely hangs out together.

Changez joked about him wanting to become the dictator of an Islamic republic with nuclear capability, but his friends did not find the joke funny. They reacted by not saying anything, probably because they were sceptical to whether he was joking or not. Erica seemed to find the joke funny, and she smiled quietly while looking at Changez. She understood the self-irony in his joke and did not find it scary or concerning.


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