Conflicts in The Reluctant Fundamentalist

There are several conflicts taking place at the same time in this book. The main Character, Changez struggles with feeling welcome in America after the 9/11 attacks, mainly because of his looks. People seem to react to his beard and he does not like the looks he gets. Changez must integrate himself to America all over again in way. Underwood Samson is the agency Changez works for. He is sent to work in Chile while Jim returns to America. Changez is so sick and tired for his job that he decides to tell his boss he quits. Jim manages to convince Changez to take a break from work instead of quitting. There is also a conflict between Changez and himself. He has problems to concentrate and focus on himself because of his feelings for Erica. Changez thinks about Erica so much that he forgets about other things in life.

In the first quote, Juan-Bautista talks to Changez about a group of Christian boys who were put in a Muslim army. They were utterly loyal and ferocious. I think Juan-Bautista is referring to how Changez will end up if he keeps on being selfish and quits his job. If he quits his job he has nothing else to turn to.

In the second quote, Juan-Bautista said he was invading a country with kinskip to his. Kinship is a network of relations that form an important part of the lives of all humans. I think he is indicating that he attacked someone who not really was his real enemy by saying this statement.


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